Refunds and Product Returns Policy

Baranta Health’s 100% satisfaction guarantee policy provides the Customer a full refund of all monies paid if the customer makes the request within ninety (90) days of the sales transaction. This refund is limited to one set of AM/PM Ultra during said time & only applies to the first order.

If a Rep is not 100% satisfied with our products, they may return the items for a refund if neither they nor Baranta Health have terminated the Agreement and the products were purchased within twelve months and remain in resalable condition. The refund shall be 90% of the purchase price, minus any commissions paid to the Rep returning the order.  Shipping and handling charges incurred will not be refunded.

Shipping Policy

All product orders placed through the website or by calling Customer Service at (800) 401-4456 are shipped out as follows:

  • Same day shipment if the orders are received before 12 noon Mountain Time
  • Next day shipment if the orders are received after 12 noon Mountain Time

The orders are processed, packaged and shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) at a flat rate of $9.95. This price includes USPS Priority Shipping charges and handling fees.

The Shipping/Handling flat rate fee is the same pricing for either one order of AM Ultra, PM Ultra, AM/PM Ultra, or multiple quantities of AM/PM Ultra, per order to the shipping address provided.

Additional orders to the same address or multiple shipping address locations are billed at the $9.95 flat rate.

As an example:

  • Order #1 for 2 AM/PM Ultra is placed at 11:45 AM Mountain time is shipped the same day at the $9.95 flat rate
  • Order #2 for 1 AM/PM Ultra is placed at 2:15 PM Mountain time will be shipped out the next day at the $9.95 flat rate.
  • Order #3 for 4 AM/PM Ultra is placed at 2:20 PM Mountain time and has a edited shipping address different from the above 2 orders will be shipped out the next day and charged the $9.95 flat rate.

For additional questions or to clarify any of the Policy items above, please call Customer Service at: (800) 401-4456 or by email to: