Doug and Debbie Glaze

Deb and “Cowboy” Doug Glaze are so excited to share a simple program with a real product offering real results that people can afford.

“After searching for the very best product and compensation plan along with an honest ceo in Dr. Ron Friedman we knew we had found a home. When Adam called me I said lets rock. I’m so happy to have teamed up with such great leadership. Cowgirl and I love Baranta Health. So I say, ‘Cowboy up!’ and lets break some sales records. Share this great product and help everyone you know. Why not you – why not now? Feeling blessed.”

Cowboy Doug Glaze


Elizabeth Rose Parker

Elizabeth has a wildly diverse background, from arts educator, commercial fisher, home builder, farmer, community and school organizer, planning commissioner, community organizer and entrepreneur. She has always given back to her community.  In her local community on Maui she works with children who have lost their parents as a peer listener.

Within her business team, she works to ensure that the whole team wins. She is adaptable, committed, authentic, passionate and supportive. As a lifelong learner, she applies new techniques of social media and contact management, as well as constantly polishing leadership techniques and encouraging leadership within the team.  

Elizabeth Rose Parker


Randy and Judy Lattimer

“We have had great success and have been involved in this industry for a number of years. Due to the lack of integrity we experienced in several company’s we decided to step away from it and did not plan on getting involved again. We’ve turned a lot of company’s away but when I was asked to look at Baranta and met with the leadership team I realized I had found a company with true integrity, products with real science and real results. I have found a home and the results we are getting on the Baranta Health products…amazing!”

Randy Lattimer


Faye Ward

Faye ” Granny” as everyone calls her is 69 years young and has been a high end salon owner for over 40 years. She is loving the AM/PM Ultra and is sharing it with all who cross her path.

“I have had both back and knee surgery and I used to have to rest my feet in between clients. I now have more energy than ever before and my joints don’t hurt like they used to. I feel more alert and can now make it through the whole day standing without a break. I have also lost 20 pounds in just a few months and my doctor has taken me off of 4 medications. I love how I feel on AM/PM Ultra.”

Faye Ward


Bob Steenlage

Bob Steenlage, Iowa’s first four-time state wrestling champion. Steenlage competed for Britt High School, winning state titles in 1959 (95 pounds), 1960 (103 pounds), 1961 (112 pounds), and 1962 (120 pounds). 

Steenlage went on to wrestle at West Point Military Academy where he went four years without losing a dual meet. He was also a third place finisher at the 1966 NCAA tournament at 123 pounds, and a Division I NCAA All-American. Steenlage is a graduate of West Point, & Airborne & Ranger Schools. He was awarded the Bronze Star medal for his service in the Vietnam War. He is a nationally known Inspirational Speaker and businessman.

“I am grateful to have found Baranta Health when I did. I was looking for and badly needed a company and a product with Integrity after many years of challenges in both my health and in business. Thank you Dr. Ron for your leadership – In all the years I’ve been around business people, I’ve never seen the integrity, honesty and justice I’ve seen with this company.”

Bob Steenlage


Adam Levy

Adam Levy has been a million dollar earner and successful network marketing leader for 30 years. His background in marketing systems, branding and graphic design combined with his knowledge and expertise in Direct Sales are well known and sought after industry wide. As one of Baranta’s top enrollers, Adam still makes time to support the field as Baranta’s Creative and Communications Director with high level creative content, tools and presentations.

“I was excited to align with a friend of over 20 years, Dr. Ron Friedman and his vision for a better way to help more people in our industry and around the world. The Baranta Health opportunity sets itself apart as it represents a product line based on 3 simple, highly desirable principals: “real science – real results – real affordable.” This simple recipe enables a real residual income and a legacy business model that is a welcomed oasis in a sea of disillusion.”

Adam Levy


Dr. Matt Silver

Dr. Matt Silver is board certified in Family Practice since 1978. He has been featured on numerous wellness related radio and TV programs. He has been a Presidents Advisory Council presenter, trainer and million dollar top earner in the NWM industry.

“In addition to my family practice, I have also been an advisor and a top earner in the Network Marketing field for over 30 years as I have found many superior health products over the years that I was compelled to share with my patients, colleagues and friends. In addition, the leveraged income and enhanced lifestyle Network Marketing offers, has expanded my earnings well beyond the “trading time for money” limitations of that of a physician.

I have known the formulation team at Baranta Health for over 20 years, and trust their knowledge, and macro view of the supplement industry. If there is a new development or technology available to the market, they will know about it first, and our formulations will always reflect that leading edge science.”

Matt Silver, MD


Al Diaz Jr.

Al Diaz Jr and his wife Adelkis are the proud and blessed parents of 2 beautiful children Christine and Christopher. Al is a top networking leader in online marketing, and a motivator, trainer, and coach on the power of success. Al Diaz Jr. is an outgoing leader, friendly, a family man with strong Christian principles. His passion is to help people succeed in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

“After doing my research on AM/PM Ultra and all it’s cutting-edge nutrients, I made the decision to leave my previous company and focus on Baranta Health full time. Thank you Cowboy, Dr. Ron and Adam for this great opportunity and for always making yourselves available.”

Al Diaz Jr.