AM/PM Ultra is an advanced anti-aging nutraceutical formulated by Baranta Health in cooperation with the world’s leading custom manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

The comprehensive AM/PM Ultra formula is designed to meet the needs of men and women over 40 who are looking for more “get up and go” throughout their hectic day, along with nutritional support to help mind and body to recharge and replenish at night. The perfect balance of ingredients that work synergistically to address the following:

  • increased energy*

  • sharper focus*

  • more intense concentration*

  • improved physical performance*

  • a positive mood*

  • emotional well being*

  • resistance to fatigue, everyday stress and tension*

  • cardiovascular support*

  • joint support*

  • normal healthy cell reproduction*

  • free-radical fighting*

  • increased metabolism*

  • optimal fat burning*

  • appetite control*

  • promotes more restful sleep*

The product works fast and is highly beneficial; not only for the “aging baby boomer” – but also for anyone who wants to feel great, day and night.  By combining a sensible lifestyle of diet, moderate exercise and the AM/PM Ultra system, millions will enjoy feelings of bounding health and wellness!  Take the 30 Day Ultra Reset Challenge and you’ll feel better, be better and do better.  Guaranteed or your money back!

AM/PM Ultra is manufactured to Baranta Health’s exacting specifications by the world’s leading GMP-compliant manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

paul sparring“Within days, I saw an increase in my endurance and stamina in my workouts. Also, my post workout soreness was dramatically less. It felt like I was getting back to the level I was at 10 years ago.” Paul S

jan king small jpg“After taking the products for about two weeks, I noticed an undeniable increase in consistent energy throughout the day and into the evening to bedtime. I recently swam more than one-half mile without a trace of the sluggishness or fatigue that I typically experience when starting the swimming season.” Jan K.

woman on ampm jpg“Working full-time in a hospital giving anesthesia, my hands, knees and back ache by the end of our day. On day 2 of taking the AM/PM I felt an increase in my energy level, as well as a decrease in the annoying stiffness and soreness that I occasionally feel in my finger joints. By day 4, I went to the gym and started doing some cardio exercise. My boost in energy was quite palpable and I knew this supplement was something very special. I began to notice that my ability to concentrate had improved also.  I am 61 years old and anything that helps with mental clarity is very desirable.” Debbie S.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.