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Watching Your Weight Never Tasted Soooo Good!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.... You Had Me At Hello!

The UltraBar is a delicious and satisfying nutritional snack

that will help keep you full and energized between meals,

or whenever you want a nutritional boost. Did we mention they taste amazing?

Balanced, High-Quality Protein Blend


Delicious Taste and Texture

Filling and Satisfying

Healthy Digestion Support




Have an UltraBar anytime of day, as is, or bake one into a

delicious cookie for a guiltless treat you’ll crave everyday!

It’s the perfectly delicious, perfectly portable snack for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Shake Up Your Daily Routine

We know you are on-the-go, and watching your carbs during the day can be

a challenge. That’s why we designed UltraShake. It’s a convenient,

easy-to-use nutritional shake that gives you a delicious,

satisfying meal that will satiate your appetite for hours.”

Complete, Balanced Milk Protein Blend

Supplies Vital Peptides Not Found in Whey Shakes

Only 3 Net Carbs per Serving

Only 120 Calories per Serving Mixed with Water

1 Billion CFU Advanced Probiotic

Ultra-Smooth, Creamy and Delicious

MCTs for Energy and Satiety

Healthy Digestion and Immune Support




Rich and creamy, delicious and satisfying, UltraShake is an important

part of the UltraLifestyle Program. It’s perfect before or after a workout,

between meals, or you can get creative and use UltraShake as a base for

your own custom smoothie.

*Based on expert review of formula and supporting documentation from ingredient suppliers.


Jeff M. – Down 75 lbs.

“I’m 59 years old and I’ve been severely overweight for the last 30 years. Losing weight was never a priority of mine, as I was always busy focused on family matters. I always craved sweets, and I found it difficult to lose weight whenever I attempted it.

I was recently inspired to get back in shape due to the birth of our first grandchild. I started following a low-carb lifestyle with regular exercise, and in just 9 months, I have lost a total of 75 pounds. I look and feel great, my golf swing is back, and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m looking forward to staying fit and healthy, so I can witness our grandkids growing up. Now, it’s easier than ever – the Baranta UltraLifestyle Program supports my low-carb lifestyle, and the products are addictive.”

Brian F. – Down 45 lbs.

“Since starting the UltraLifestyle program and following a low-carb plan I have lost 45 pounds over the past 6 months, resulting in greatly improved energy and focus. I am feeling great, have lots of energy and feel better today at 66 that I did at 48!

At my last visit to the doctor, he told me that he was very impressed with my lab results! My doctor said “Wonderful! Just keep doing what you are doing and call me if you need me” rather than setting up our usual follow up appointments.”

Linda N. – Down 36 lbs.

“Over the years I have tried many diets but continued to struggled with weight. I have been eating low-carb for about 4 months now and have lost 36 pounds.

The only thing negative about this program is that I always have to buy new clothes. Eating like this is something I could live with forever. My sense of well-being and my energy is better than ever with this lifestyle plan..

Debbie G. – Down 25 lbs.

“Since staring the UltraLifestyle Program I am down two sizes. My increased mobility has enabled me to go walking daily and I recently joined the gym.

Today, I feel healthier, have more energy, and am enjoying better sleep than I have had in years, thanks to the changes I’ve made with the UltraLifestyle Program.”

Sid N. – Down 46 lbs.

“I started following a low-carb lifestyle a few months back, after my doctor told me about the ketogenic diet and recommended that my wife and I should try it. In less than half a year, I’ve lost 48 pounds.

Low-carb living as described in the UltraLifestyle Program has done wonders for my health and wellness, and I have to say that no diet has ever worked as well for my wife and I as this one has. We don’t get as hungry, have lots of energy, and our outlook on life is now very positive.”

Doug G. – Down 23 lbs.

“I went from a 42″ waist down to a 39″ waist and from XXL shirt to XL shirt. Since following the UltraLifestyle Program and taking the great products, I have had increased energy, much better sleep, and clear focus throughout the day. Also, I no longer crave sweets.”

Adam L. – Down 30 lbs.

“I was at max density – and at my highest weight – 220.5lbs. Even as a weekly active USTA singles tennis player my weight remained. Once I discovered carbs were the enemy everything changed. I became carb-conscious for the first time and I feel great!

I lost 30 pounds in just 15 weeks and have been able to keep the weight off for several years. And now, the Baranta UltraLifestyle Program’s science-based nutrition, shakes and bars make it easier than ever to sustain my low-carb lifestyle. And the taste…total satisfaction!”

Faye W. – Down 56 lbs.

“I have had both back and knee surgery and I used to have to rest my feet in between clients. I now have more energy than ever before and my joints don’t hurt like they used to. I feel more alert and can now make it through the whole day standing without a break. As a hair salon owner this has been a life-changer.

With my increased mobility I have also been able to lose 56 pounds in the past 8 months and my doctor has taken me off of 4 medications. I love how I feel on AM/PM Ultra and the UltraLifestyle program.”

Larry S. – Down 40 lbs.

“Over 20 years ago, I walked off the national bodybuilding stage in disappointment not to compete again until my recent comeback this past April. Living a sedentary lifestyle and driving for a living I gained a lot of weight, was terribly out of shape and my health declined. It negatively affected my confidence and self esteem. I was tired of being fat and out of shape.

Utilizing a low-carb, high protein eating program my cravings stopped. I slowly added weight training back at the gym and my weight started falling. I lost 40 pounds and began to feel like my younger self and decided to train to compete in bodybuilding again, by the grace of God I have made a successful, IFBB Pro, bodybuilding comeback. I am excited about the Baranta UltraLifestyle Program which now supports my low-carb lifestyle and the quality protein products are great for recovery after workouts.”

Individual results may vary. Based on the UltraLifestyle Program of reduced caloric intake and regular exercise. Read product labels prior to use. Check with your doctor if nursing, pregnant, under 18, or following a doctor-prescribed diet.

At age 70, Ron Friedman, M.D. is in his best shape, down 24 pounds.

“It’s common knowledge that our society is experiencing a serious epidemic of obesity & several serious diseases that stem from obesity. Our modern sedentary lifestyles & unhealthy high-carb food choices make it extremely hard for most people to get in shape & lose weight on a sustained basis.

I too have struggled with a slow but steady increase in my waistline for decades. 20 years ago I ran a marathon & was in the best shape of my life. Try as I may with frequent visits to the gym & every diet imaginable I eventually put on 24 pounds & my body fat percentage rose to a very unhealthy level. I could no longer run a block, let alone 26.2 miles. Finally, Adam Levy was able to convince me on the merits of a low-carb diet and the rest quickly became history. In 3 months I lost every one of those 24 pounds. I can now run 11 miles and recently went on a 21 mile hike with a 3,200 feet elevation gain. I’m back in shape to do a run-walk marathon. The best part is that it was absolutely EASY to do.

This was my “ah-ha” moment when I realized the mission of Baranta Health henceforth must be to provide an EASY lifestyle program that anyone and everyone could succeed with. Our AM/PM Ultra, UltraBar, & UltraShake synergistically support a healthy low-carb lifestyle. To those who would like to fit in their prom dress or tux once again, I have some good news: IT’S EASY and we can help!

  • Dr. Ron's Story

Energize. Replenish. Restore. Rejuvenate.

Just 2 AM Ultra in the morning and 2 PM Ultra in evening, this all-in-one, comprehensive support system will deliver amazing results with research-recommended amounts of key, well-studied nutrients that support your total well being. Finally, feel more fit, have better digestion, and boost your total body health!

AM/PM Ultra Nutrition Facts – click here 

Doctor-formulated AM/PM Ultra is an advanced, “professional-strength” supplement packed with innovative, science-backed ingredients at research-recommended potencies delivering powerful benefits you can really feel.

•  Increased energy*

•  sharper focus*

•  more intense concentration*

•  improved physical performance*

•  a positive mood*

•  emotional well being*

•  resistance to fatigue

•  everyday stress and tension* 

•  cardiovascular support*

•  joint support*

•  normal healthy cell reproduction*

•  free-radical fighting*

•  increased metabolism*

•  optimal fat burning*

•  appetite control*

•  promotes more restful sleep*

You’re Gonna Feel, Be, Do and Look… Better

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